Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fartpain Is a Right Pain. . .

First I hated him for this, it was clearly just a glimpse of what was to come

Its a bit low when someone has to try to get limelight for themselves off someone else's back, especially so blatantly as CarTrain has chosen to so blatantly do, tagging always either a whole stencil near a well known piece, or simply a tag, as almost to suggest it's one of his.

By now talking about it I guess in a way its worked. But the truth will out....he will hopefully just continue to be completely pointless. But I really hope for his own sake he grows up fairly soon. It's clear he's just a frustrated oik with absoloutely no direction whatsoever.

Am not usually as vocal in my distaste of something as this, but he is getting more and more of a bugbear. I just wish he was better, cos his coverage is impressive to say the least.

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