Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ozzie Update

Further happenings on the strange picture of "Ozzie" left in the streets of London. There was a code on the back which the finder was instructed to email to which then prompts you to send your postcard back to them, with a promise of being contacted very soon.

A week and a bit later, I received an old fashioned typewriter style letter saying nothing more than "please be patient", to which I thought "fair enough" ....Im a patient kinda guy. . . . .

Then turns out a jouro who posts on Flickr - Mark thompson - did some investigating work of his own and found out the following :

"So far I have worked out that the man in the photo is Robert Osband, he is a 58-year-old living in Titusville Florida.

He created the area code for the Kennedy Space Centre which is 321. An idea Jeb Bush called " A simple, bold idea to reccognize Florida's Space Industry with this Area Code".

The photo was taken in 1975 shortly after he returned from a spacesuit sale in Delaware.

Since then the website has been created, seemingly by Mr Osband. . . .who is unsure as to how or why his picture is being used?!

The plot thickens somewhat further by more of Marks investigations (or maybe just a strange coincidence)

"So latest thing, have found out the last known person I can find who lived at the premises which the letters are sent to... Peter Griffin! Love it!. He lived there in 2003 - no idea if he still does but thought it was pretty funny"

The user Ozzie on Flickr is eemingly now in the mix. . . but refers to himself in pictures in the third person perspective?!

Either it will become clearer in time. . . . .or like the best epsiodes of lost just keep us all guessing forever and ever (well, at least for the alloted 7 seasons we have signed up for)

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