Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alphabet Soup - The Cans 2 Letter Hunt

I haven't seen any comment anywhere else so I am begining to wonder if I am reading too much into the letters in the tunnel! Anyway, without doubt the Cans tunnel has a Hunt The Thimble game involving each letter of the alphabet, I have only found 23 - could someone return the E, the F and the G please.

[edit: the following comment kindly provided by Copyright on flikr photos: "some of the letters were painted early on, as relatively small peices over old work, as the day went on and more artists turned up, a few of the letters got painted over by bigger pieces."]

The full set of letters (except, dammit, the missing ones) are in this flickr set here

London's legendary and elusive NoNose was obviously in the tunnel today judging by the flotilla of flourescent sputknik potatoes (yes - there is an e in the plural) and the dayglo ciabatta.

More Nonose here

The NoLions brat pack decided that the SweetToof (pic in the post below this one) has one bad tooth and is changing it for a good tooth. Perceptive little blighters, but that won't help them when I send them up the chimneys.

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