Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Thousands

Opening This Wednesday, "The Thousands" is a celebration of the gallery work of some of the top street artists in the World curated by RJ Vandalog. Artists to be shown include

Adam Neate
Anthony Lister
Barry McGee
Blek le Rat
Burning Candy
Chris Stain
David Ellis
Futura 2000
Jenny Holzer
José Parlá
Judith Supine
Know Hope
Nick Walker
Os Gêmeos
Shepard Fairey
WK Interact

Vandalog has developed an unrivalled coverage of what is new, news and fascinating in the world of street art. The energy he has brought to covering the street art scene on a daily basis is a tour-de-force, digesting his Vandalog blog in the form of a daily email has become required reading at Graffoto towers. Where one person gets the time and energy from is a mystery.

Graffoto is privileged to be involved in presenting a display of about 50 photos from the combined library of HowAboutNo and NoLionsInEngland at The Thousands, many of which haven't been published before.

The idea is to juxtapose the gallery art and installations with examples of work on the streets of London by the most of the featured artists.

The show also sees the launch of RJ's book "The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In" again we are honoured that this features a modest photographic contribution from ourselves, we can't wait to see the finished article.

Entrance is free, details of location and opening hours are as per the flyer, see you at the opening - refreshments by Brewdog

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